Micro-refinery System

Combination of state of the art technologies
Online, onsite refining at wellhead


Modular Microrefinary is based on combination of latest revolutionary technologies

  • Hybrid Distillation with proprietary catalysts.
  • Super Critical Extraction
  • Gassification & Catalytic Reforming


Hybrid Catalytic Distillation

Micro-Refineries are skid mounted modular crude oil distillation units which process couple wells production and are capable of producing a variety of finished products including naphtha (straight run gasoline), kerosene, diesel and fuel oil. Since it is modular, two or more units could be installed on a single site allowing the simultaneous processing of more than one type of crude oil; and one plant can still be in operation in the event one plant is down.

  •  Capacity increase can be achieved with even limited capital investment.
  •  System can be set up and put in operation within couple days after arrival at a site where the production is ongoing or storage tanks are in    place.
  • A single operator may restart the plant from a cold start and have the plant in full operation in less than two hours.
  •  Requires no water, steam, or instrument air.
  •  Fuel supply can be natural gas, naphtha, diesel fuel oil or a combination of these fuels.

Super Critical Extraction

De asphalting can be done using liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Under mild pressure hydrocarbon gases efficiently takes distillation residue from the capillary tubes of hybrid catalytic system.Gas can easily be recycled by decreasing pressure and carry all asphalts to desired storage area gasification unit.


Gasification & Catalytic Reforming

Heavy fractions entering the gasification unit are instantly converted into syngas.

Our gasification unit reaches up to temperature of 13,900 °C and destroys all heavy fraction to clean syngas. Even coal or tar sand or any organic material can be converted to syngas.
Syngas goes to catalytic reformer to produce gasoline, diesel, jet fuel or methanol. 

Entire system can be containerized into modular units. It can easily be scaled up by adding more units to increase the refining capacity.
Fully automatic system cleans itself and requires minimum manpower.


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